The Roots of our Goodness

It all started with better basil.

Back in 2012, our founders - John, Thomas and Eric - responded to the search for top-quality, local herbs by starting their own small basil greenhouse in Suffolk, VA. The idea for Smart Basil Farms centered around using only the best, non-GMO seeds and clean, hydroponic farming practices. They expanded that little greenhouse into a sea of varied greens, and it’s still the backbone of our business today.

How did we grow? One ideal at a time.


Superior Quality

The team mastered their farming operation but soon found that utilizing the existing supply chain (think big trucks, cold storage & store shelves) meant losing control over the quality of their products. By the time the greens reached a customer’s plate, they had lost some of their signature freshness, nutritional value and exceptional taste. That realization gave birth to The Neighborhood Harvest and its home delivery service.


Convenient Local Delivery

Delivering ultra-fresh, delicious, nutrient-dense foods directly to the homes of our neighbors became the company’s primary focus. We rented a refrigerated van and began hand-delivering our greens each week - within 48 hours of harvest - to our growing customer base. Today, we have a team of friendly drivers and a fleet of vans, but we still hand-select, pack, quality-check and deliver every order ourselves.


Sustainable Partnerships

Around the time we started our home delivery service, the Eat Local movement was gaining traction in Virginia. We began forging local and regional partnerships to bring a variety of quality foods to our customers that we couldn’t grow or make ourselves. Thomas, our President, still vets each farm, ranch, dairy, and artisan supplier to find exceptional products that are raised the right way: honestly and sustainably.


Community Focus

As locals ourselves, we hire locally and support community events, providing food and information to our neighbors. We attend Farmers Markets to get to know you. But we also see food deserts growing in our own backyard, and we want to make a difference. So in 2020, we launched our Giving Back program, supporting local families in need with fresh produce deliveries all year long. To learn how you can join the effort, click here.


Customer-centric Service

We knew from the start that customer care would be at the heart of our business. That’s why a local person will answer your calls and emails. Our Customer Success Specialists listen to you and pass on your suggestions to help us serve you better. For example, we heard your concerns during the pandemic, so we kicked our Harvest Kitchen into high gear, adding a robust line of prepared meals to our menu.
We’ve always got your back.

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